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Dan the Underdog:

You now tuned into tha rawlest, we some mothafuckin monsters
I'm a beast up out the box n keep the flow up in the pocket
Groot n Rocket when I cock it, turn opponents into stardust
I'm a artist out the harness, you a mothafuckin carcass


This is superman, coming through with a plan
To lock down the block on this land with rocks, simple plain
Shit you stupid!? Can't you see muthafucka,
Buffalo's undercover with Murrie-Yapa, simple plan

Fuck the system I'm a thinker man
One who think you wild'n if you thinkin for a second that I'm slippin man
You trippin if you ever even contemplated dissin Dan
I'll leave you in the distance I am dissident get disciplened

Disciplines the only way to truly fabricate design,
The only way to animate the mind after death,
The only way to let a martyr's rest
Is to slow your roll in a cocoon held in darkness's depth


Every time we flow
Fuck the world bitch
You can't slow my roll
Or scratch the surface
Every time you think
You a wordsmith
I don't care at all
Till you learn this
O mothafucka OO
Till you learn this
O mothafucka OO
Till you learn bitch
O mothafucka OO
Till you learn this
O mothafucka OO
Till you learn bitch

Verse 2:

It's Underdog n the J-Dashtophe, this is anarchy
Causin casualties, we deadly as that cancer be
To whack MC's testin us like testin gravity
It's blasphemy my apogee be out the galaxy

Well this is J-Dash & the Danosgraphy
directly punching you with these lyrics
Until your head be bobbing with more raw diversity
To the 3rd degree we burning beats, leaving your body throbbing internally
With murderous dear certainty verses vexed purposefully

Every verse is like a crime of passion, a sudden violent bashing
How quickly my reaction turns to homicidal action
Got no compassion for a rapper wit no type a talent
Tryna step to me n even less for one who nice I'm blastin

Fully sick with it, quick with it, stutter lyrics we split critics
Doesn't matter just step in it, bitch you a bitch who a quick gimmick?
Every game I'm pulling your card
It doesn't matter if you're pulling that guard
Stut-stut-stut-stutter bitch! Step in the square and get bit hard.....

Hook: As above

NT's double O O G
With the homie from the Westside of Buffalo the H double O D
Up in Darwin where u sweat enough without havin to flow heat
So imagine when I drop bars hip hop broads get sultry

I roll low key like Loki, of Norse so peep
so cold that you think this world's a joke then you all don't know deep
It's so real you can know real, just feel it, smell it, touch it
Blow up from dope beats, it's so real you can chop this heat & light it...

See that feelin there no need to fight it
Let the beat encompass you like you were spirit guided
I have never feared the highest though I'm nowhere near to righteous
I just let the gods n demons fight it out inside us

Just don't be left for dead, this world it ain't no game, just be prepared
Coz people can jump ship no matter the time or the day
Coz our peers can trust tricks and get in our ear with what was said
Well here's a middle finger for you fucked bitch, there...


released November 1, 2016
Produced by Dan the Underdog & J-Dash-P



all rights reserved


Dan the Underdog NT, Australia

Dan the Underdog is an award winning Northern Territory based MC/producer and the mastermind behind such groups as Catch The Fly & UnderBellee. He has been a pivotal in establishing the NT Hip Hop scene. Since his humble beginnings with Teknikal Onslaught in Darwin to taking the nation by storm with Catch The Fly, he has always been about dope beats and a live stage show. ... more

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